The Sailing Business Society was established in 1992; with the participation of 32 business people who played a determining role in sailing industry. The aim of the association with the original name of Balaton Sailing Business Society was the coordination of the business people residing first of all in the Balaton-region, involved in shipbuilding, commerce and leasing, as well as the representation of their interests. Later, acknowledging the justification and viability of the association, ever more members joined the association. After this geographical extension, as well as the consultations and co-ordinations with the ministries, the necessity of altering the name emerged, and it happened in 2001.

As every association, the Sailing Business Society also tries to solve the problems and questions raised by its members. In the annually organised Budapest Boat Show, the exhibiting members - as a consequence of the joint presence - are able to introduce their products and services at a 20-30 % cheaper rate. Recognising its importance, it also have undertaken the task of providing for moral and financial support for the education of the shipbuilding trade. The society can also boost of a number of interventions against non-appropriate market behaviour.

We would like to have an ever increasing number of business persons in our ranks who are regularly involved in their trade, thus after building up the appropriate trade background, we shall be able to be the counter-part of the competent trade ministries in developing the regulation and decrees affecting us, and jointly we shall be able to safeguard and support the trade interests of such practising undertakings. Our aim by that trade background is to screen out the bungling work providers, and to secure the reliable, exact and professional provision of work, services and information for the sailing society.

We expect every natural and legal entity with business permit to be our member.

You can reach us:  
Address: 8175 Balatonfűzfő, Jókai u. 24.
Phone/Fax: (36) 88 451 046
E-mail: info [rp_for_at] hajoegylet.hu
President: András Alb (Mr)
  elnok [rp_for_at] hajoegylet.hu
Members of Presidency: Pál Dobó (Mr)
  Éva Pallás (Mrs)
Secretary: Péter Böröcz (Mr)
  titkar [rp_for_at] hajoegylet.hu
Supervisory Committee: Lajos Hodács (Mr)
  László Kovács (Mr)
  Elemér Schafer (Mr)